Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One Week In, And I'm Still Sane...I Think...

Or what passes for sane anyway. Things aren't going too bad, a lot of the same old stuff. A lot less drama, since I've been trying to see things from other people's perspective. A lot of learning right now, as I'm trying out a new path with my life.

Everyone's doing well, done being sick. We're back into the swing of things with school and home. A fresh start helps everyone to feel better and not be as frustrated with things. Sometimes all it takes is a day away from the normal grind for things to be better.

The new path I'm working on is teaching me so much right now about trusting how I feel about things and looking inside myself for the answers to my questions. It's showing me the importance of positive energy and getting rid of the negative things in my life and my mind. Helping me to clear my mind and notice the little things in life that I ignored and avoided before. The energy in things.

Back to the grindstone, got kids to chase and books to finish. I'm learning more every day, and enjoying it.

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