Sunday, August 15, 2010


Yup, 65 lbs gone for good! I'm currently wearing a pair of size 20 capris that I haven't been able to even SQUEEEEEEEZE into for years. God does that feel good! I can almost fit the next size down for bra size!
Still very carefully watching my portion sizes, keeping a majority of the sugar out of my diet, almost no pop, very little coffee or caffeine of any kind. Lots of water to keep hydrated, iced tea sweetened with sweet n low or other calorie free sweeteners. Not a lot of carbs either. But that's really how I usually eat when I eat at home. Haven't really been eating out either. And of course walking nearly everyday for at least an hour helps too.
Still can't believe the number on the scale...I've lost the equivalent of one of my kids. Total WOW factor.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Keeping Busy...

Having a decent week. Bought a couple new shirts and a pair of shorts, smaller sizes yay! The other pair of shorts I have are a size 22 and are nice and loose, almost too loose because if I tuck one of my new shirts in they are loose enough to slip down some. Going to try and see if the new bras that I bought will fit yet.
Kids are doing good, been keeping busy and making sure that no one gets heat stroke or sick from this horrible weather. We've had heat indexes in the 90-105 range, with temps in the high 80's-90's range. Sucks, because it means not being outside much during the day, and means less trips to the park and other places when things get that warm. Thank goodness for air conditioning!
Other than that not too much going on. Hope to have something better to post later this weekend.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Still Surprised...

Down 64lbs as of now. Wow I can't believe that I actually weighed as much as I did. I went thru my clothes the other day and couldn't believe that most of what is now too big ever actually fit. And not well at that! I've gone down almost 3 sizes in underwear, and looking at the ones that are too big makes me feel terrible that I ever let myself get that big. I can now fit a 1x in most shirts, I still prefer most of them baggy though so I usually go with a 2x. But its still a huge change from buying a 4x shirt and not being happy because it didn't fit right.
My old standby for the last way too many years was stretchy legging-type pants. Because they fit. And when you get to be big like that, it's hard to find things that fit. Not that they fit flatteringly or anything, but I could wear them. But now I can wear jeans again, not huge tent-style jeans, but size 22's! And I don't have to defy gravity, hang upside down or lay on the bed to do them up! That's huge! I can't wait to wear a 20, 18, 16! I'm sure I'll never get rid of all the belly, but I'm going to sure try my damnedest.
My first goal I had set was to lose 20lb. I did it! My second was 40, and I made that too. Then 60, and I passed that too. The new goal is 80lbs lost. And I'm almost there. 16 lbs to go til I meet my next goal.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Long Time No Type!

So lets see, the last time I updated was over a month ago! Can't believe it's been that long! So many changes, lots of stuff going on.

First off, I'm now officially down 60 lbs! And wearing a size 22 pants comfortably without having to contort myself to fasten them or anything. Can't remember when I've felt this good wearing this size! I'm almost ready to go bra shopping again as this one is made as small as it can be and I still have wiggle room. Still doing the same things I've been doing, cutting back on sweets and portion sizes and cutting out almost totally on the pop. Haven't really been drinking my coffee either for a while.
I'm walking the dog every day, and sometimes also go for a walk with one of the kids or by myself. Drinking lots and lots of water, 4-8 20oz bottles a day, depending on the heat and whatever else I drink.
I'm looking forward to clothes shopping!

As far as the kids, they are fine. Same old same old. Gabe is finally sleeping more, and only rarely comes in by me.
Our living situation has changed some, and we are in the process of moving in with my inlaws. That meant that we needed to rehome Scooby, as 3 dogs is really more like 2 dogs too many.
Monday I'm going to go get our storage unit, and this week will be spent putting things in storage. It's going to be challenging at times I'm sure, but we can make it work.

I'm going to make an effort to post at least once a week, which shouldn't be a problem since our school year will be starting soon. It'll be good to keep track of all the fun we have and the projects we do.