Sunday, May 16, 2010

Decided to Weigh Myself....

And was pleasantly surprised! I am now down 51# since Oct 2!!! And 21 of that is just since Feb 14! Talk about awesome, I've dropped almost 3 full sizes, and all my clothes are getting loose on me. Friday night we went to Chicago with some friends, and I wore a size 2x skirt that had never ever fit before. Guess what? It was LOOSE!

Things are going ok, still dealing with my depression and stuff, but it's getting a little easier. I just keep going day by day.
The kids are fine, school is going slow but it's going. Weather has been up and down, mostly in the 60's during the day, but some 50's too. And at night it's been anywhere from 30's-50's.
Our plants got eaten, we put them out and the squirrels had a field day with them. What I have growing now is some strawberry plants, tomato plants, and 1 watermellon plant that *might* actually survive, but isn't trying to very hard. I also saw all the strawberry plants that are growing in the side yard and by the fence. And the poppies that are growing by the side of the house too!
In other news, Caitlin is this years Poppy Princess, and gets to be in the Memorial Day Parade! We went to Walmart and passed out poppies, we had a pretty good time, and Caitlin had fun acting cute and getting people to donate to the Legion.
And today is Adrian's 3rd Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Little Man!!!