Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tomorrow is New Years!!

Still can't believe how fast this year has gone! Having fun chasing kids, and working out towards my goal of losing 100+ lbs. Here's some pics of my African grey, Nintendo. She is a 28yo(or around there) bird that was my best breeder, and is the only one of my birds I was able to keep. Also a few pics of my cockatiels.
1st pic: Shorty the dog, currently 4yo, a shepherd and mastiff mix. 2nd pic: Blondie, a lutino pearl female. 3rd pic: Fudgie,cinnamon pearl pied male. Blondie and Fudgie were two of my baby tiels that I hand raised. 4th pic: Emma, she's a emerald female split to whiteface.
5th pic: Parents of Fudgie and Blondie, on left is Spice a cinnamon female, and right is Woody, a pied male split to whiteface, lutino and cinnamon.
And of course, last pic is my baby, Nintendo! She is very sweet, but will bite if she wants down or if she doesnt like you! She was wild caught at about a yr or so old, back in 1980. I bought my breeding pairs (3) about 4 yrs ago, and had to sell them when we got foreclosed on and had to move. Only allowed 1 dog and 1 bird here.

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Leann I Am said...

Awww...I miss having birds! I used to work in a couple of pet stores and I got to handfeed several of the baby birds. I really miss that! My favorite was a green winged macaw that would cuddle with me much like an infant would.

Your birds are beautiful! I've always been a bit intimidated by African greys...they are almost too smart for their own good!