Sunday, February 22, 2009

One Of THOSE Days

Well the good news is that Mikes clear of the Giardia and the Crypto. The bad news is that they weren't done with the test for Cdiff by the end of the day, because of how busy the lab was. So we'll here about that one on Monday.
More crappy news. My computer crashed, and I lost everything I had saved. All my pics, all my music. The only blogs I have still are the ones I saved on here. So I'm in the process of figuring out who all I did read daily, besides the ones on here, and re-saving them. Again. And of course re-loading all my music. And hoping I didn't delete the pics off my SD card yet. Not holding out much hope for that though.
Hoping his test for Cdiff comes back negative, then he can go back to work Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. Today's his last day on the antibiotics too. I'm sure the kids are hoping he'll go back soon too. He's driving us all nuts, and we're happy to drive him nuts as well.
My sis came out this way from Missouri for the weekend. Got here Friday evening, and left this afternoon. We did dinner together Friday night, and got to hang out yesterday for most of the day as well. Wish I'd thought to take pics of the kids while they were here. Got to catch up on all the happenings where she is and got to tall her about all the things going on here in the last 5 mos since she's been gone. I was surprised at how big the kids got in the time she's been gone. The kids were all glad to see each other and played for hours. They even got along for a change!
Anyway, got a lot to fix, so need to stick my nose to the grindstone. If you sent me anything, or sent me your blog addy, please re-send it. Then I can re-add you quicker.

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