Thursday, August 12, 2010

Keeping Busy...

Having a decent week. Bought a couple new shirts and a pair of shorts, smaller sizes yay! The other pair of shorts I have are a size 22 and are nice and loose, almost too loose because if I tuck one of my new shirts in they are loose enough to slip down some. Going to try and see if the new bras that I bought will fit yet.
Kids are doing good, been keeping busy and making sure that no one gets heat stroke or sick from this horrible weather. We've had heat indexes in the 90-105 range, with temps in the high 80's-90's range. Sucks, because it means not being outside much during the day, and means less trips to the park and other places when things get that warm. Thank goodness for air conditioning!
Other than that not too much going on. Hope to have something better to post later this weekend.

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