Monday, August 9, 2010

Still Surprised...

Down 64lbs as of now. Wow I can't believe that I actually weighed as much as I did. I went thru my clothes the other day and couldn't believe that most of what is now too big ever actually fit. And not well at that! I've gone down almost 3 sizes in underwear, and looking at the ones that are too big makes me feel terrible that I ever let myself get that big. I can now fit a 1x in most shirts, I still prefer most of them baggy though so I usually go with a 2x. But its still a huge change from buying a 4x shirt and not being happy because it didn't fit right.
My old standby for the last way too many years was stretchy legging-type pants. Because they fit. And when you get to be big like that, it's hard to find things that fit. Not that they fit flatteringly or anything, but I could wear them. But now I can wear jeans again, not huge tent-style jeans, but size 22's! And I don't have to defy gravity, hang upside down or lay on the bed to do them up! That's huge! I can't wait to wear a 20, 18, 16! I'm sure I'll never get rid of all the belly, but I'm going to sure try my damnedest.
My first goal I had set was to lose 20lb. I did it! My second was 40, and I made that too. Then 60, and I passed that too. The new goal is 80lbs lost. And I'm almost there. 16 lbs to go til I meet my next goal.

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