Saturday, September 20, 2008

Grrrrrr...One Of Those Kind Of Weeks!

Ok, first off, thank god it's Saturday and there's no school! Wednesday Caleb woke up with hives all over his entire body -- literally from scalp to the soles of his feet. So we went to the Dr., got a script for Prednisone, and directions to do a baking soda bath and give the Prednisone and benadryl along with tylenol for the fever he had. Thursday he still had the hives, so he was still home from school. Friday we went for allergy testing and of course that went well, he wouldn't let them near him, so we'll have to reschedule that. Long story short, the hives are gone, and we don't know what caused them.
Then yesterday, my computer cord decided to have an issue of it's own. As I was surfing the net, my cord started to smoke and spark, and it melted! It's covered under warranty, so I'll have a new one by Tuesday or Wednesday. Nothing more than a mild inconvenience, but it makes it harder to get online and post. Still waiting to see if anyone finds my blog, and if anyone has found it, waiting to see if they leave a comment or anything.
Not much else going on, except that the prednisone has really done a number on him. He's been hyper as hell and mouthy on top of it. Last night was a 2 hour ordeal, where he was throwing himself around and screaming. I really was worried that he may hurt himself. He threw everything within reach and was kicking the wall and the window, was throwing himself down on the bed and the floor. He's only got one more day to take it, but I'm still going to call the doc on Monday and tell him about last night. I want it documented in his records that he has a reaction to prednisone. Will post more when I get my new power cord.

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