Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Week So Far....

Well, Monday I went to the new school to see how long it would take for the kids to be started at the new school and register them and all that. I was told they could start Tuesday, and that they already had picked out which teachers that they would have. Ok, fine, saves gas and will be an easy transition right?? NOT!! Even though we have been talking about the possibility for a couple of months (ever since we got ready to move), and have emphasized that it was a possibility, someone was bound and determined that HE was NOT going! And it wasnt Gabe! It was Caleb!
He wouldnt get out of the van, then he wouldnt go into the class to meet the teacher before school started, then he wouldnt go in period, even when the bell rang...see a pattern there??? It took me until about 10:30 or so to be able to leave! He had a complete meltdown, crying screaming and all that until I finally got him settled in the Sped teacher's office. He could be heard all through the first floor of the school! The Sped teacher is an angel, without him, that tantrum/fit/meltdown could have lasted a LOT longer. He was so upset that he was hyperventilating and drooling and everything. Not a good situation, but on the plus side, he is doing MUCH better now.
Gabe did well, he only had a few issues with going to the new class, and he does still say he's going to go back to his other school. They gave him a new chewy tube, so he wouldnt eat his shirt collar, and he's getting into the routine.
James and Caitlin are doing great, of course, as they seem to adjust the best to all this.
And on a completely unrelated subject...I'm going to be an aunt again! My baby sis just found out that she is pregnant again, about 7 weeks along according to the pregnancy calculator.

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