Sunday, September 7, 2008

Long Weekend!

I'm soooooo glad that they go back to school tomorrow!!!! Mike goes back to work tomorrow, he's had the last week off for vacation with school starting back up. Fun for him, not so much for the kids. Friday was interesting, I had Adrian (my godson) and my 4 and my little sister and her 2 kids! Too many kids!
On another note, Gabe's special ed teacher met me on the playground on Friday when I got there a little early to wait for the kids. She wanted to let me know that the school is having to transfer some students, only the ones with open enrollment, and that Gabe was the only one of mine that would be transfered as they had too many first graders. Not happening, I did not work hard to get them all at one school just to have one transfered out to another school! So, tomorrow, after I drop them at school, I have to run over to the school closest to us (the one they'd be going to anyway if they weren't open enrolled) and find out what I need to do to get them set up over at the new school.
Yesterday we pretty much just sat around and cleaned house and stuff. Today though we went to "Heritage Days" which is basically a bunch of tours of the old mill and horse rides and stuff. Gabe's favorite part was the bee display, and he got to taste the different honey's that the farm makes. We also bought some honey with a piece of honey comb in it, and some whipped honey. So good! He did pretty well, only problem was getting free of one of us and running loose among the other people. Caleb and him were also enthralled by the blacksmith demo that they had too. It was amazing to watch them watching him work, it seemed like they didn't even blink most of the time that he was working. We got to watch him make a meat fork, a bottle opener, and a fork/spoon combo that had the fork on one end and the spoon on the other. It was a great day!
Not looking forward to the drama of moving to the other school, and I found out that the school that they're at now doesn't even have a copy of his eval's from Waisman Center yet, and I gave the school at least 4 copies already over the course of the last year or so. Messed up situation there, to say the least.
We'll have internet a week from Monday (on the 15th) and then I might actually be able to post everyday! Or at least whenever I feel like it instead of having to wait until I have a chance to go somewhere that has internet. Grandpa Dave is coming home tonight, so hopefully next post will have info on how it was down in Louisiana while he was there this past week!

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