Friday, January 2, 2009

Busy Day

Went shopping today at Sam's Club. Wow, 4 kids and a mile long grocery list, along with my sister and 1 of her kids. When we go shopping, we go SHOPPING.
We go up one isle and down the next. We look at all the shelves, check prices, the whole nine yards. The kids are usually not amused, lol.
It took about an hour, but I got almost everything on my list. Forgot the milk, noodles, and bread. Spent waaaaaaaaay too much. But, I filled the freezers (we have a little one besides the fridge one), and the shelves. We should be set for the next month and a half.

It's been a long day. Time for a drink and bed!

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Leann I Am said...

I've stopped taking the kids shopping...if I can help it! I go once a week either when my husband is home or I drop them off with grandma. Even though I am the queen of 'NO!' when it comes to them asking for stuff, I usually end up getting impatient and just tossing stuff in without really thinking about whether or not we need it or if there's a better deal.

You are a brave, brave woman!