Monday, January 5, 2009

Busy, random

Went to the library today. Wow, that seemed to take forever! Finally got out of there almost an hour later.
Found out that the insurance went up by $50 by adding my new van and taking the old van off. So now it's $180 a month for the 2 vehicles with full coverage. Power bill was way higher this month too. Need to make sure I pay at least 1/2 the past balance next month. The rest can be paid when we get taxes back.
On a better note, we have decided that starting next month, we are going to start putting a minimum of $200 a month away towards a down payment towards a place. He and I have talked about a farmette for as long as we've been together. Now we just need to find one. Easier said than done, given what our credit looks like. Anyway, can't seem to keep my thoughts straight. Gonna go find out what the kids are up to.

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followthatdog said...

good luck with the savings plan! that sounds like a great goal