Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Everything seems to be closing...

In the past few months our area has been hit with a whole slew of business closings. There was the GM plant in Janesville, one of the Kerry buildings in Beloit, and before those, we had Beloit Corp, Sears, JC Penney's, and the stores in the Beloit Mall. We also had KMart and Sentry's close, and got word that June 30 will be the last day for the Alcoa Plant here in Beloit.
The latest is that the Cub Foods in Beloit, and one in Madison, and 2 in Green Bay are closing. Beloit's last day will be March 13, and 71 people will be out of jobs. That's on top of all the people that lost out from all the other businesses closing. My husband worked at the Beloit Cub's. He'd been working there 2 years on the day we married. He worked there a total of 9yrs and 3 mos, then left to work at Alcoa. That didn't work out, so he spent 2 yrs looking for a similar paying job to pay the bills, while we made ends meet on me working at McDonalds. Then he got hired in at Tyson, and he's been there 3 years as of the 12th of Feb.
I keep thinking about if he'd stayed at Cubs. He would have been there 14 years in March. 14 years. That's a long time to work at one place. What would he be doing now, if he'd stayed there? He'd be looking for work, trying to find a place that would pay somewhere near what he makes now, so we could make bills. And I, well I'd be freaking out, wondering what the heck we were gonna do about the situation.
It's scary to see all the people that are going to be out of work, especially the ones that work there that we went to school with, and that he worked with. It really opens your eyes to see the numbers in black and white, knowing how the economy already is, and wondering how much worse it's going to get.

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