Sunday, January 11, 2009


So today was spent retrieving passwords, and getting back at the other blog. I've edited a couple of the posts, and messed around a little bit, but not much else, since it's taken most of the day to just accomplish that much.
I also managed to clean the baby's room, and the bathroom and bathroom closet. Sent Caitlin up to clean her room, but she didnt do much of anything. Gotta tackle the boys' room, and get it straightened, and get some more laundry done. Take trash out, and clean up my room again. Adrian only had a very short nap today, and has been running full bore all day. His dr appt is tomorrow, so I'm taking him and his mom to it. Hopefully I can get the MIL to watch the kids for me, cause then I can go with, otherwise I'll be sitting in the van with 4 cranky kids.
On a really cute note, when I picked him up, his mom told me that he's been calling my picture "Mimi", and he's been calling me that since I picked him up. Guess I better get back at it, have a ton of housework to get done, and very little time before their bedtime to get it done.

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