Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Not much going here, just lack of sleep. Gabe hasn't been sleeping well, so I sit in the boys' room till they're both asleep (sometimes till after 11pm), and then come down to read my email and go to bed. Even with not falling asleep till that late, he's still awake and in my bed by 2-3 am. Yay.
And Caleb is much the same way, but instead of coming in my room, he hides out on the couch till dad goes to work at 430 and then turns the tv on.
Did I mention that the tv is right outside my room? And the tv being on means that Gabe has to be awake...which means I have to be awake. I've seen first hand the results if I'm not up when the destructo-kids are awake. Not pretty.
Hopefully tonight will be better, as he was out by 945. Caleb went to bed at 10, not sure if he was actually asleep, because I decided that dad could listen for them while I took a long, hot, well deserved shower.
Tomorrow I get my godson, who apparently is driving his mommy nuts because he keeps getting diarrhea and they're not sure why. Double yay. But it can't be any worse than the usual craziness. And Adrian has an appointment Friday with his ped, to do a check up and find out what's going on with his tummy.
Any ideas on the whole diarrhea thing? My kids usually have the opposite problem, and that I can deal with. Not used to the whole runny gross stinky mess thing.

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wrongshoes said...

My DS had chronic diarrhea that turned out to be a dairy intolerance. You could google "elimination diet" or just start eliminating the common suspect foods (dairy, soy, egg, wheat) until you see a difference.