Thursday, January 29, 2009

The End of A Long Week!

So, we finally got taxes straightened around on Monday. I love H&R because of how quick we get our refunds back. This time was no different, we had our refund by Tuesday morning. So, Tuesday and Wednesday were spent paying bills and getting things that the kids need. Got each of the kids 3 pr pants and 3 shirts, and James 4 pr pants. Got Gabe and Caleb each a new winter coat, and Mike got 2 new suits and 2 new dress shirts. Myself, well I got some new lotions and body sprays. Doesn't take much to make me happy lol. We did most of our shopping at the Outlet Mall in Johnson Creek. About an hour and a half-two hours away from us, but well worth the trip in my opinion. Almost everything there is 30-80% off the retail price.
A good example is Mike's suits. S&K was having a closeout, and the suits were normally $160, and he got them for $40 a pc. That's a great deal! Gabe's coat was supposed to be $88, and I paid 26. Another great deal. Caleb's was supposed to be $50, and I paid $10.
All in all, a lot of great fun shopping!

I'm tired, and sore. My back has been giving me a lot more trouble lately, and so have my hips. Walking up and down the stairs keeps me busy, but it also makes me want to soak in the tub for the rest of the night. I used to be able to chase kids all day and night without a problem, but it's catching up to me lately. My migraines are back worse than before as well, which makes sitting here in front of the computer pure hell some nights.
Any way, gotta go get kids ready for bed.

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